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Parallel Lines

What We do

"We provide pro-bono consulting services for small businesses in the Madison area. We also get professional development, access to BC alumni connections in consulting, friendships, and so much more. So thankful for Badger Consulting and all that it offers."

-Olivia Lemanski, Vice President of Strategy and Operations, Class of 2025

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Real-World Consulting Projects

We work with real businesses in Madison to provide pro-bono consulting services. Each project is unique and presents new challenges for us to solve. Typical projects include industry insights, market research, financial analyses, risk analyses, etc. Past projects have been centered on tech startups, ice cream, catering companies, sustainable fashion, etc.


Professional Development

We work with Accenture, McKinsey, Bain, Baker Tilly, EY, Aon, Gibson Consulting, and more to provide members with an in-depth look at the consulting career path and tools to help them on their journey.

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Case Competition

Each year, we host a one-day open case competition for all WSB students. This case competition gives members the opportunity to work with a team to tackle challenges with problem-solving and present findings in front of a panel of judges from a top consulting firm.



Great friendships are formed within Badger Consulting. We offer socials for members to get to know one another and bond outside of the WSB.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Workshops

We work with organizations to provide DEI workshops and training. 



New analysts are required to attend ATP (Analyst Training Program) to develop their skills before working on client projects. Project Managers receive client and project training.

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Members can choose to become a mentee or mentor - and receive the guidance they need starting out in their career.


Leadership Opportunities

Want to grow? After one year as an Analyst, you can apply to become a Project Manager. You can also apply to be on the Board or Executive Board.

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